SMART Resolutions

By the time the end of 2018 rolled around, I felt like I'd already done enough ~*reflection*~ for the year. At the beginning of the year, I set some very SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time bound) New Years Resolutions for the year, including blog 2 times a month, run 3-4 times a week, do… Continue reading SMART Resolutions


Failing with Friends

¡¡Feliz año!! I wrote another thing for Oíste, Peace Corps Colombia's online magazine. The theme was "Famous Failures," and while I humbly think my piece was particularly entertaining because the author is a lovely and intelligent human, I highly recommend you check out the others! I’m sitting in a classroom surrounded by the rubble of… Continue reading Failing with Friends

Marching along

Oh hello there! Can you believe March is over?? I know I can't!! (Yes, we're still doing this thing where we pretend I'm not terribly behind on blogging..I'll catch up eventually). March was an eventful month, filled with lots of ups, downs, bus rides, and late nights staring at Excel. It's almost as if the… Continue reading Marching along