April showers, August showers, lots of cold showers

"HALLELUJAH RAINY SEASON HAS ARRIVED" I just opened up my computer to find this one line saved as a draft blog post on May 20th. Clearly, I've got some catching up to do. The good news is that it's still rainy season, so I can stick with that first sentence. I've lived in Colombia for… Continue reading April showers, August showers, lots of cold showers


PCV on Vacation!!

What's that? ANOTHER blog post? Within the same WEEK? Look hoo's catching up!!! Semana Santa is a big week here in Colombia, I flew to Panama City, Panama, to meet up with my parents and get some much needed R&R. We spent four days together there and went hiking, visited the canal, and a lot… Continue reading PCV on Vacation!!

Marching along

Oh hello there! Can you believe March is over?? I know I can't!! (Yes, we're still doing this thing where we pretend I'm not terribly behind on blogging..I'll catch up eventually). March was an eventful month, filled with lots of ups, downs, bus rides, and late nights staring at Excel. It's almost as if the… Continue reading Marching along